Staff members of the environmental department enforce rules and regulations set forth by the state of Ohio, in order to protect the public's health and prevent the spread of disease caused by environmental hazards

Program Descriptions 

Nuisance Complaint program

The Health Department will investigate complaints received in written format.  We have a form that may be found in the “forms” section of this website that can be completed and submitted to our office.  These complaints range from trash or solid waste to septic system failures.   Each complaint is thoroughly investigated by our Public Health Inspectors to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.  Legal action may be taken in order to enforce the rules and regulations when necessary.

Landfill Complaints - Please contact our office at 937-378-6892 to inform us of any complaints concerning the Rumpke Landfill located in Georgetown. Complaints left after hours will be addressed the next business day during regular business hours.

Animal Bite Investigation and Rabies Control Program

Rabies is a very serious virus that can potentially be deadly.  Therefore, state law requires that all incidents involving a person being bitten by an animal be reported to the local health department where the bite took place.  These incidents are then investigated in an attempt to locate the owner of the pet, or the animal itself if it is a stray or wild.  The animal is then required to be quarantined for ten days.  At the end of the quarantine period, a Public Health Inspector will check the animal for any signs of the virus.

Private Water System Program

Private water systems include wells or cisterns as a water source.  Installation or repair of a private water system requires a permit through the health department.  The health department will also test a private water system for coliform and E. Coli, upon request of the owner.

Food Service Operation Program

The Health Department and its Public Health Inspectors license and inspects every food operation located in Brown County.  Each operation is inspected at a minimum of two times each licensing period, which runs from March 1 – February 28 each year.  We will also inspect an operation each time a complaint is received concerning an operation.  

Temporary food licenses may be obtained through the Health Department for festivals, auctions or other small events.  Contact the Health Department for further information pertaining to a temporary food license.

Public Swimming Pool/Spa Program

The Health Department provides annual licenses to public pool/spa operations.  Each operation is inspected at a minimum of two times per year during their operation period.  These inspections check for water temperature, clarity, chemical balance, and safety/cleanliness of the overall swimming environment. 

Home Sewage Disposal

The Health Department issues permits to install, repair, or abandon household wastewater treatment systems (septic systems).  There is no sanitary sewer system available to the majority of properties located in Brown County.  Therefore, many people rely on septic systems for the disposal of their sewage.  Once an application has been obtained, a Public Health Inspector evaluates the property to help determine the best type of system that will work with that property.  The property owner then contacts a registered installer and the installer applies for the installation permit.  Once the installation permit is approved and the system is complete, an inspector will approve the installation before the system can be covered.  All applicable inspections must be performed and approved prior to occupation of the home.

Campground Program

Currently, there are 14 camp parks located in Brown County.  Each park is inspected by our Public Health Inspectors at a minimum of two times per year in an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment.  These inspections include evaluating items such as appropriate lighting, trash collection, and restroom/shower facilities.

School and Playground Safety Program

The Health Department ensures that all public and private schools located in the county have a safe, clean environment that is conducive to learning.  The playground of each school is also inspected. 

Infectious Waste Generators

Each infectious waste generator located in the county is inspected by the Health Department to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.  Infectious waste generators are located in places such as doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Tattoo/Body Piercing Parlor Program

The Health Department issues annual licenses for tattoo/body piercing facilities located in Brown County.  Inspections of these facilities are performed to ensure safety measures are appropriately taken by the operator of the facility.

Temporary tattoo/body piercing facilities may be obtained for festivals or other events.  Contact the Health Department for more information on temporary licenses.


Plumbing is part of the Environmental division.  This department inspects plumbing for both residential and commercial building within Brown County.



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